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  • » Gene’s Expression Status of ZBTB2 and TRAF6 in Breast Cancer Patients
    Ahmadi, Niloofar; Shahsavari, Nemat; Mohammadnejad pahmadani, Mojtaba
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  • » IJPST Optimum Fuel Tank Capacity Estimation for Tug Boats Basing on Existing Vessels
    Duru, Stephen CHIDOZIE
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  • » The Portrait of Living Women's Vegetables in Pasar Padang Lua Banuhampu County, Agam...
    Rosi, Sulfa; ., Fatmariza; Eriyanti, Fitri
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  • » Railways in Jordan: Possible Implementation in Public Transportation.
    Al-Najjar, Enas; Hardan, Ahmad; Balbissi, Adli
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  • » The Effect of Problem Based Learning Model Nuanced Science Literacy towards Junior High...
    Khusna, Fadila; ., Syamsurizal; Anhar, Azwir
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  • » Application of Business Intelligence for Banking Performance Based on Products Analysis
    Deden, Deden Prayitno
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  • » Impact of Cover Crops on Reducing the Potential Erosion in Agricultural Land
    Loannisa, Setia; Saidi, Amrizal; Fiantis, Dian
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  • » ZZ Transform Method for Natural Growth and Decay Problems
    Rao, R.Umamaheshwar
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  • » Increasing the Activities and Competencies of Learning Science through Problem Based...
    Sarumaha, Murnihati; ., Lufri
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  • » The Methylation Analysis of Mir-210 in NSCLC Patients
    Masrouri, Masoumeh; Nooshin, Sajad; Matin Ahmadi, Arash; Zare zadeh, Roya; Mohammadnejad pahmadani, Mojtaba; Karimipoor, Morteza
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  • » Comparison of Cooperative Learning Model Jigsaw and Think Pair Share (TPS) Toward...
    Imron, Muhamad; ., Hardeli; Puteri, Dwi Hilda; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » La Importancia del Apoyo de los Padres en las Tareas Escolares de Sus Hijos: Caso...
    Dzib Moo, Doris Laury Beatriz; Pérez, María Tila Camacho; Dzib, Analuisa González
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  • » Effect of Hands-On Learning Strategy on Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement...
    Filgona, Jacob; Filgona, Joel; Sababa, Linus K.
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  • » Analysis of Post-Local Government Proliferation Practice on Socioeconomic Change in...
    Br. Laowo, Natalis Deswati; Lubis, MS, Prof. Dr. Suwardi; Tarmizi, SU, Prof. Dr. H. B.
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  • » A Large Dengue Epidemic Affects Sri Lanka In 2017
    Jayarajah, Umesh; Faizer, Shuaib; De Zoysa, Ishan M; Seneviratne, Suranjith L
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  • » Delay Reducing Design for 2- bit Reversible Comparator Unit
    Anjana, A.
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  • » The Directions for Improving the Preparation of Future Specialists with the Usage of...
    Jiyankulova, Rahima
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  • » First Aboodh Transform of Fractional Order and Its Properties
    Alfaqeih, Suliman; ÖZIS, T.
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  • » Local Wisdom Values in Facing Natural Disasters On Module of Geographic Planning...
    ., Yusutria; ., Nefilinda; Febriana, Rina
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  • » The Influence of Parenting Style and Locus of Control on Bullying Behavior of Adolescents
    ., Katherina; Yusuf, Elvi Andriani
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  • » Needs Analysis of Development Interactive Multimedia Learning Based Android on...
    Fadri, Rahmira; Ahda, Yuni; ., Zulyusri; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » Determinants of Sustainable Procurement Practices at the Water Sector Institutions in...
    Ochieng, Bob Evans
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  • » Online Based Transportation: An Ethical Reflection on Human Relations With Technology.
    Primasari, Ina
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  • » A Political and Social Analysis of Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains Of The Day
    Sinha, Swapnil; Singh, Atharva Chandra
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  • » Etude Sociolinguistique du Blog «Le Cas De Jeunes Blogueurs Algériens»
    Abdelrani, Aliane
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