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Single-shot spatial instability and electric control of polariton condensates at room temperature

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Author(s): Ying Gao, Xuekai Ma, Xiaokun Zhai, Chunzi Xing, Meini Gao, Haitao Dai, Hao Wu, Tong Liu, Yuan Ren, Xiao Wang, Anlian Pan, Wei Hu, Stefan Schumacher, and Tingge Gao

In planar microcavities, the transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic (TE-TM) mode splitting of cavity photons can result in optical spin-orbit coupling (SOC). In this work, we find that in a liquid crystal (LC) microcavity filled with perovskite microplates, the pronounced TE-TM splitting gives …

[Phys. Rev. B 108, 205303] Published Thu Nov 09, 2023

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