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Rev. Mod. Phys. 95, 035002 (2023)

In this review recent investigations are summarized of many-body quantum systems with long-range interactions, which are currently realized in Rydberg atom arrays, dipolar systems, trapped-ion setups, and cold atoms in cavities. In these experimental platforms parameters can be easily changed, and control of the range of the interaction has been achieved. The main aim of the review is to present and identify the common and mostly universal features induced by long-range interactions in the behavior of quantum many-body systems. Discussed are the case of strong nonlocal couplings, i.e., the nonadditive regime, and the one in which energy is extensive, but low-energy, long-wavelength properties are altered with respect to the short-range case. When possible, comparisons with the corresponding results for classical systems are presented. Finally, cases of competition with local effects are also reviewed.

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