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Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Bis- (Dihydropyrimidinones-5-Carboxamide) by Using Ultrasonic Irradiation

2018 International Conference on Pure and Applied Science

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Title Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Bis- (Dihydropyrimidinones-5-Carboxamide) by Using Ultrasonic Irradiation
Creator Faiq Hama Saed Hussain; Research Center, Ishik University, Erbil.
Haval O. Abdulla;

Chemistry Department, College of Science, Salahaddin University, Erbil.

Subject Green Chemistry
Dihydropyrimidinone, Biginelli condensation, Ultrasonic, Hydrolysis, Catalytic reaction
Description Abstract—This investigation involves synthesis of two new series of bis-dihydropyrimidinone-5-carboxamides (4 a-k) and (5 a-k) from reaction of 6-methyl-2-oxo-4-phenyl-1,2,3,4-tetra-hydropyrimidine-5-carbonyl chloride and its derivatives (3 a, b)  with different diamines using ultrasonic irradiation. Compounds (3a, b) were synthesized from chlorination of 6-methyl-2-oxo-4-phenyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-5-carboxylic acid and its derivatives (2a,b) which were prepared from hydrolysis of ethyl-6-methyl-2-oxo-4-phenyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimi-dine-5-carbo-xylate and its derivatives (1a, b) which was synthesized by one-pot Biginelli condensation. The synthesized products were characterized by physico-chemical methods such as elemental analysis (CHNS-O), FT-IR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR. The prepared compounds were showed biological activity against two types of bacterial Escherichia coli Gram-negative bacteria (G -ve) and Staphylococcus aureas Gram-positive bacteria (G +ve).
Publisher Pure and Applied Science
Contributor Research Center, Ishik University, Erbil – Iraq
Date 2018-03-13 21:02:07
Type Peer-reviewed Paper
Source Pure and Applied Science; 2018 International Conference on Pure and Applied Science
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