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Online Based Transportation: An Ethical Reflection on Human Relations With Technology.

International Journal of progressive Sciences and Technologies

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Title Online Based Transportation: An Ethical Reflection on Human Relations With Technology.
Creator Primasari, Ina
Subject Social Science, Humanity. Communication
On-line Transportation, Ethics, Human, Technology, New Media, Reflection
H - social science
Description This paper is a reflective thought, to the impact of the use of information technology with a wide range of variants, which will discuss how new media presents information, concerning products of transport services based online  or ride sharing. In the midst of the establishment of land transportation modes, which in this context are taxi modes, (managed by conventional business rules), online  application-based transportation services come with convenience. Then, there is a change of consumer behavior in fulfilling its transportation needs with available transportation modes. In reality, consumers (who become conventional taxi-style captive markets are considered) tend to choose the online -based mode of transportation. It cannot be denied that consumers when faced with several choices, then they will choose based on their own logic. In this article, Uber online  taxi case, will be the subject of more in-depth discussion. The pressure of discussion is on the communication process, in which, this paper seeks to contemplate why the process of communication with messages as posted on his web Uber, then responded positively by the communicant. Communicator in this context is conventional taxi customers who have been well established. There are various points of view in viewing this issue. One relevant point of view to see the relationship between new media technology, the owner of modes of transportation, and the consumer, is an ethical point of view. Ethical point of view becomes, something important considering the human relationship with technology (in this case new media) is a relationship that is not free from the ethical framework. So the discussion on this issue seeks to see the ethical perspective when a communication process is done.
Publisher International Journals of Sciences and High Technologies
Date 2017-08-26
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Peer-reviewed Article
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Source International Journal of Progressive Sciences and Technologies; Vol 5, No 2 (2017); 88-94
Language eng
Rights Copyright (c) 2017 ina primasari