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  • » Resolution Improvement in Fabry-Perot Displacement Sensor Based on Fringe Counting Method
    Ismail, Nur Izzati; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Ngajikin, Nor Hafizah; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Mohd Zaman, Nor Fadzlina; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Awang, Maisarah; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Azmi, Asrul Izam; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Nik Abd. Malik, Nik Noordini; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Mohd Kassim, Norazan; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Research University Grant (RUG) Scheme, grant no: 08J84,Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
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  • » Routing Algorithm Based on Area Division Management of Node in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Wei, Gao; Mudanjiang Normal University
    Yan, Song; Mudanjiang Normal University
    Fan, Shuping; Mudanjiang Normal University
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  • » HABCO: A Robust Agent on Hybrid Ant-Bee Colony Optimization
    Girsang, Abba Suganda; Bina Nusantara University
    Tsai, Chun-Wei; National Ilan University
    Yang, Chu-Sing; National Cheng Kung University
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  • » Discrete liquid level fiber sensor
    Noor, Muhammad Yusof Mohd; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Abdullah, Ahmad Sharmi; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Azmi, Asrul Izam; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Ibrahim, Mohd Haniff; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Salim, Mohd Rashidi; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Kassim, Norazan; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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  • » Intelligent Interface for Knowledge Based System
    Karna, Nyoman Bogi Aditya; Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Supriana, Iping; Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Maulidevi, Ulfa; Institut Teknologi Bandung
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  • » Factors Influencing User’s Adoption of Conversational Recommender System Based on...
    Baizal, Z.K. Abdurahman; Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Widyantoro, Dwi H; Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Maulidevi, Nur Ulfa; Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Intitut Teknologi Bandung
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  • » Carrier Aggregation Technique to Improve Capacity in LTE-Advanced Network
    Iskandar, Iskandar; Bandung Institute of Technology
    Galih, R.; Bandung Institute of Technology
    Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia
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  • » Crosstalk Improvement of Polymer in Glass Thermo-Optical Multimode Interference Switch
    N. Samdin, N. Samdin; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    M. Yaacob, M. Yaacob; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    M.H. Ibrahim, M.H. Ibrahim; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    A.B. Mohammad, A.B. Mohammad; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    N.M. Kassim, N.M. Kassim; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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  • » Distributed Clustering Based on Node Density and Distance in Wireless Sensor Networks
    P, Sasikumar; VIT University
    T, Shankar; VIT University
    Khara, Sibaram; VIT University
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  • » Control System for Nutrient Solution of Nutrient Film Technique Using Fuzzy Logic
    Ibrahim, Muhammad Naufal Rauf; Bogor Agricultural University
    Solahudin, Mohamad; Bogor Agricultural University
    Widodo, Slamet; Bogor Agricultural University
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  • » Arduino-Uno Based Mobile Data Logger with GPS Feature
    Sidik, Muhammad Abu Bakar; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Arifin Rusli, Mohd Qamarul; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Adzis, Zuraimy; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Buntat, Zolkafle; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Arief, Yanuar Zulardiansyah; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Shahroom, Hamizah; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Nawawi, Zainuddin; Universitas Sriwijaya
    ‘Irfan Jambak, Muhammad; Universitas Sriwijaya
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  • » Proposed Model for Interference Estimation in Code Division Multiple Access
    Taher, Dalal Kanaan; Al-Mustansiryah University
    Sallomi, Adheed Hassan; Al-Mustansiryah University
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  • » Recognition system for facial expression by processing images with deep learning neural...
    Ariza, Holman Montiel; Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
    Martínez, Henry Hernández; Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Gaviria Roa, Luz Andrea; Fundación Universitaria Panamericana
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  • » A Web-based Geographic Information System for Aceh Natural Hazards
    Nasaruddin, Nasaruddin; Syiah Kuala University
    Munadi, Khairul; Syiah Kuala University
    M. Dirhamsyah, M. Dirhamsyah; Syiah Kuala University
    Yuliansyah, Dedi; Syiah Kuala University
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  • » Web-SCADA for Monitoring and Controlling Hybrid Wind-PV Power System
    Soetedjo, Aryuanto; National Institute of Technology
    Nakhoda, Yusuf Ismail; National Institute of Technology
    Lomi, Abraham; National Institute of Technology
    Farhan, Farhan; National Institute of Technology
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  • » Analytical Calculation of Coupled Magnetothermal Problem in Gas Insulated Transmission...
    Sun, Guoxia; Wuhan University
    Jin, Xiangchao; Wuhan University
    Xie, Zhiyang; Wuhan University
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  • » Comparison study on secrecy probability of AF-NOMA and AF-OMA networks
    Do, Dinh-Thuan; Ton Duc Thang University
    Nguyen, Minh-Sang Van; Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH)
    Hoang, Thi-Anh; Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH)
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  • » A Novel Text Classification Method Using Comprehensive Feature Weight
    Liu, Jian; Pingxiang University
    Wu, Weisheng; Pingxiang University
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  • » Development of triangular array eight patches antennas for circularly-polarized...
    Fauzan Edy Purnomo, Muhammad; Brawijaya University
    Kusumasari, Vita; Universitas Negeri Malang
    Supriana, Edi; Universitas Negeri Malang
    Ambarwati, Rusmi; Brawijaya University
    Kitagawa, Akio; Kanazawa University
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    Hamid, Muh. Imran; Universitas Andalas (UNAND)
    Anwari, Makbul; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM
    Taufik, Taufik; University San Luis Obispo
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  • » Hole-wedge Effect of Friction Pair and Its Control Mechanism
    Han, Zhihong; Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
    Liu, Shuyang; Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
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  • » Improvement of Pitch Motion Control of an Aircraft Systems
    Johari, Aishah; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Yakub, Fitri; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Ariff, Hatta; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Rasid, Zainudin A.; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Sarip, Shamsul; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Dziyauddin, Rudzidatulm Akmam; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Ab Rashid, Mohd Zamzuri; Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
    Azizan, Azizul; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Mori, Yasuchika; Transportation Systems & Electric Co
    Wind Engineering Laboratory, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology
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  • » 128 mA CMOS LDO with 108db PSRR at 2.4 MHz frequency
    Fifie, Astrie Nurasyeila; Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
    Wong, Yan Chiew; Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
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  • » Multi Features Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Clustering And Decision Tree Algorithm
    Kusrini, Kusrini; STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta
    Iskandar, M. Dedi; STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta
    Wahyu Wibowo, Ferry; STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta
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  • » Water Inrush Characteristics with Roadway Excavation Approaching to Fault
    Wang, Shuren; Yanshan University
    Hu Wang, Hu Wang; Yanshan University
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