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  • » Education Research in the Canadian Context
    Laitsch, Daniel; MacKinnon, Gregory Rodney; Young, David; Paish, Sophie; LeBel, Sue; Walker, Keith; Kutsyuruba, Benjamin; Patten, Sarah L.; Faubert, Brenton Cyriel; Le, Anh Thi Hoai; Wakim, Georges; Swapp, Donna; Watson, Kaitlyn; Rodway, Joelle; Auclair, Jean-Vianney; Winton, Sue; Jervis, Lauren; Shanahan, Theresa Gemma; Handford, Victoria; Leithwood, Kenneth
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  • » The Role of Isolation in Predicting New Principals’ Burnout
    Stephenson, Loran E; Bauer, Scott C
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  • » Influential Spheres: Examining Actors’ Perceptions of Education Governance
    Thier, Michael; Smith, Joanna; Pitts, Christine; Anderson, Ross
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  • » Deciding to Change: One District’s Quest to Improve Overall Student Performance
    Brazer, Steven David; Peters, Erin E.
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  • » Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Bullying in Schools
    Kennedy, Tom D.; Russom, Ashley G.; Kevorkian, Meline M.
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  • » The development of doctoral degree curriculum in England: Perspectives from...
    Dos Santos, Luis Miguel; Lo, Ho Fai
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  • » Evaluating Higher Education Policy in Turkey: Assessment of the Admission Procedure to...
    Cubukcu, Kemal Mert; Cubukcu, Ebru
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  • » Punishment in School: The Role of School Security Measures
    Mowen, Thomas J
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  • » Coaching as a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy: Coaches' Centrality in a Provincial...
    Rodway, Joelle
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  • » An Analysis of How the Gender and Race of School Principals Influence Their Perception...
    McCray, Carlos R.; Beachum, Floyd D.
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  • » School Reform: America’s Winchester Mystery House
    Meyer, David Daniel; Werth, Loredana
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  • » A Conceptual Framework for Multiple Stakeholder Educational Decision Making
    Brazer, S. David; Keller, L. Robin
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  • » Outdoor Play and Learning: Policy and Practice
    Burriss, Kathleen; Burriss, Larry
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  • » Tracking Myself: African American High School Students Talk About the Effects of...
    Stanley, Darrius; Venzant Chambers, Terah T.
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  • » Trends in Technology Planning and Funding in Florida K-12 Schools
    Ritzhaupt, Albert; Hohlfeld, Tina; Barron, Ann E
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  • » Leadership Coaching and Mentoring: A Research-Based Model for School Partnerships
    Gray, Julie Anne
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  • » The kinds of knowledge principals use: Implications for training
    Lazaridou, Angeliki
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  • » Secondary School Science Department Chairs Leading Successful Change
    Gaubatz, Julie Ann; Ensminger, David C
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  • » Fostering a Culture of Innovation: A Case Study of Elementary School Principals in...
    Gonzales, Miguel M.; Storti, Richard
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  • » Research Courses in Educational Leadership Programs: Relevance in an Era of Accountability
    Bustamante, Rebecca M.; Combs, Julie P.
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  • » Building Productive Relationships: District Leaders’ Advice to Researchers
    Harrison, Christopher; Davidson, Kristen; Farrell, Caitlin
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  • » Africentric Education Leadership: Theory and Practice
    Shockley, Kmt G.
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  • » Collaborative Learning in a Boundary Zone: A Case Study of Innovative...
    Tabak, Edith; Margolin, Ilana
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  • » The Effects of Educational Accountability on Teachers: Are Policies Too Stress...
    Berryhill, Joseph; Linney, Jean Ann; Fromewick, Jill
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  • » Democratic Dialogue as a Process to Inform Public Policy
    Smith, Deirdre M.; Qua-Hiansen, Jessica
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