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  • » School Mobility and Students’ Academic and Behavioral Outcomes
    Han, Seunghee
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  • » School District Contributions to Students' Math and Language Achievement
    Handford, Victoria; Leithwood, Kenneth
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  • » A Mandatory Uniform Policy in Urban Schools: Findings from the School Survey on Crime...
    Han, Seunghee
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  • » The impacts of retention, expenditures, and class size on primary school completion in...
    Ruff, Ryan Richard
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  • » Accountability Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Superintendent, Principal, and...
    Englert, Kerry S.; Fries, Dawn Adele; Martin-Glenn, Mya L.; Douglas, Bruce B.
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  • » Use of ePortfolios in K-12 teacher hiring in North Carolina: Perspectives of school...
    Ndoye, Abdou; Ritzhaupt, Albert Dieter; Parker, Michele A
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  • » Implementation of the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System in Rural...
    Pharis, Thomas James; Allen, Larry; Mahoney, Jamie V; Sullivan, Stephanie
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  • » A Quantitative Analysis of Countries’ Research Strengths
    Saxena, Anurag; Brazer, S.David; Gupta, B M
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  • » Perspectives about living on the horns of dilemmas: An analysis of gender factors...
    Polka, Walter S.; Litchka, Peter R.; Calzi, Frank F.; Denig, Stephen J.; Mete, Rosina E.
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  • » Using the EBAM Across Educational Contexts: Calibrating for Technical, Policy,...
    Faubert, Brenton Cyriel; Le, Anh Thi Hoai; Swapp, Donna; Wakim, Georges; Watson, Kaitlyn
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  • » Improving Student Achievement: Can Ninth Grade Academies Make A Difference?
    Styron, Ronald Anthony; Peasant, Eddie J
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  • » Enabling School Structures, Trust, and Collective Efficacy in Private International...
    Gray, Julie A; Summers, Robert
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  • » School Library Policy and the Legal Opinions of Texas Public-School
    Shupala, Andrew
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  • » Policy in the Way of Practice: How Assessment Legislation Is Affecting Social Studies...
    Misco, Thomas; Patterson, Nancy; Doppen, Frans
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  • » Gender differences in participatory leadership: An examination of principals’ time...
    Sebastian, James; Moon, Jeong-Mi
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  • » Administrator Perceptions of School Improvement Policies in a High-Impact Policy Setting
    Torres, Mario S.; Zellner, Luana; Erlandson, David
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  • » An Exploratory Analysis of the Prevalence of Quantitative Research Concepts in Journal...
    Hochbein, Craig; Smeaton, Katherine S.
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  • » Impacts of School Organizational Restructuring Into a Collaborative Setting on the...
    Fallon, Gerald; Barnett, John
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  • » Principals’ moral agency and ethical decision-making: Towards transformational ethics
    Cherkowski, Sabre Lynn; Walker, Keith D; Kutsyuruba, Benjamin
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  • » Perceptions of Educational Leadership Faculty Regarding Open Access Publishing
    Richardson, Jayson W.; McLeod, Scott; Hurst, Todd
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  • » System Transfer, Education, and Development in Mozambique
    Cossa, Jose
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  • » School Policy and Transgender Identity Expression: A Study of School Administrators’...
    Kurt, Layla J.; Chenault, Krystel H.
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  • » Principal Leadership in New Teacher Induction: Becoming Agents of Change
    Cherian, Finney; Daniel, Yvette
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  • » Frequency and Correlates of Campus Crime: Missouri Public Postsecondary Institutions
    Han, Seunghee
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  • » School Mental Health: The Impact of State and Local Capacity-Building Training
    Stephan, Sharon; Paternite, Carl; Grimm, Lindsey; Hurwitz, Laura
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