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  • » Multiple congenital polyps of the verumontanum in a boy: A case report
    Filho, Luiz G. Freitas; S Diostenes, Fabiana; Mourão, Natasha; Crepaldi Vicente, Nilton
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  • » Classic Wilms tumor with raised alpha-fetoprotein levels: A case report and...
    Bothra, Jyoti; Shah, Hemanshi; Tiwari, Charu
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  • » Self-insertion of needle as urethral foreign body after sexual gratification: An...
    Tahaoglu, Metin; Ozturk, Serkan; Ozturk, Hayrettin
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  • » Nephrectomy for advanced ureteral hypoplasia accompanied by renal dysplasia in a...
    Chiba, Fumiko; Masumoto, Kouji; Urita, Yasuhisa
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  • » Anterior urethral valve, a rare cause of bilateral vesicoureteral reflux in a two year...
    Sharma, Amit; Chaudhari, Radhyeshyam; Andankar, Mukund
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  • » A rare form of crossed nonfused renal ectopia, multicystic dysplasia: A case report
    Talini, Carolina; Antunes, Letícia Alves; Neves de Carvalho, Bruna Cecília; Romanelli, Jéssica; Alves, André Luis Fortes; Galli, Rafaela; Barszcz, Karin; Possagno, Ricardo; Mol, Even; Garbuio, Luís Fernando; Aranha Junior, Ayrton Alves
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  • » Scrotoschisis: A rare congenital urologic anomaly
    Farinyaro, Aliyu Umar; Mohammad, Aminu Mohammad; Anyanwu, Lofty-John Chukwuemeka; Abdullahi, Lawal Barau
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  • » Left total ureteral substitution using appendix after failed ureteral reimplantation,...
    Iaquinto, Marianna; Merlini, Emilio Vittorio; Tadini, Barbara; Palazzo, Giovanni; Fonzone Caccese, Antonio; De Castro, Roberto
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  • » Spontaneous pelvic rupture in a case of hydronephrosis due to PUJ obstruction: A rare...
    Patil, Prashant S; Abhaya, Gupta; Gupta, Rahul; Paras, Kothari L; Geeta, Kekre; Dikshit, Vishesh
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  • » Nonoperative treatment of blunt renal trauma with urinary extravasation in a child
    Sancar, Serpil; Aydiner, Cagatay; Kaya, Mete
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  • » Abdominal flap for penis augmentation in Extrophy-Epispadia complex
    Filho, Luiz G. Freitas; Silva, Cassius M.; Meyer, Karine F.; Rios, Fernando S. Rios; Toledo, Felipe; Budib, Luiz J.
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  • » Canal of Nuck cyst masquerading as a testicle in a neonate: A case report and review...
    Grossman, Lelah; Horowitz, Mark; Neuman, Jeremy; Sidlow, Richard
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  • » Association of Cowper syringocele with posterior urethral valve: First case report with...
    Swain, Samir; Pattanayak, Amaresh; Singh, Gyanprakash; Hota, Datteswar
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  • » Bilateral testicular tumor in a patient with adrenogenital syndrome: A conservative...
    Díaz, Angeline Rojas; Parra, Juan David Iregui; Huérfano, Lina; Zableh, Ana Ortiz; Niño, Jaime Pérez
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  • » Averting the legacy of kidney disease--focus on childhood
    Ingelfinger, Julie R; Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar; Schaefer, Franz
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  • » Primary renal mature cystic teratoma in an infant: A rare case presenting with an acute...
    Rattan, Kamal Nain; Singh, Jasbir; Dalal, Poonam; Jain, Deepika
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  • » Type II A2 duplication of urethra in an 8-month-old male child: A case report
    Okur, Mehmet Hanifi; Aydogdu, Bahattin; Arslan, Serkan; Basuguy, Erol; Zeytun, Hikmet; Arslan, Mehmet Serif
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  • » Hair-bearing epithelium serving as a nidus for intravesical stone formation in a male...
    Lo, Sharon; Han, Julia; Rabley, Andrew; Shields, John; Bird, Vincent
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  • » Late diagnosed Ochoa Syndrome: Case report and literature review
    Antunes, Leticia Alves; Talini, Carolina; Neves de Carvalho, Bruna Cecilia; Mayer, Naiane; Longo, Sabrina Tristão; Amarante, Antônio Carlos Moreira
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  • » Buccal mucosa urethroplasty in a reoperative and reconstructive challenge hypospadias:...
    Ozturk, Hayrettin
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  • » Our experience on urethral duplication in children: 4 case reports and literature review
    Carvalho, Bruna Cecilia Neves De; Talini, Carolina; Antunes, Leticia Alves; Camargo, Maria Helena; Valle, Peralta Del; Aranha Junior, Ayrton Alves; Amarante, Antonio Carlos Moreira; Silveira, Antonio Ernesto Da
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  • » Scrotal approach for the correction of an abdominoscrotal hydrocele: Medium term follow-up
    Pérez, Jaime; Domínguez, Cristina
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  • » Anterior Nutcracker syndrome as a rare cause of hematuria in an 8 year old boy: A case...
    Patil, Prashant S; Abhaya, Gupta; Paras L, Kothari; Geeta, Kekre; Dikshit, Vishesh K; Deshmukh, Shahaji; Kulkarni, Apoorva
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  • » The treatment of ventral penile chordee without hypospadias by dorsal midline plication...
    Coban, Soner; Guzelsoy, Muhammet; Turkoglu, Ali Riza; Aydos, Murat
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  • » A new variant of urethral duplication- collateral urethral duplication with paraspadiac...
    Mulawkar, Prashant; Tapre, Parag; Mulawkar, Utpala; Bhat, Deepak
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