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  • » Prediction of the Magnitude of Erosion that Occurs in Some Units of the Wae Tomu...
    Silahooy, Charles
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  • » Impact des Facteurs du Milieu sur Les Communautes Printanieres du Phytoplancton...
    Gallouli, El Mahjoub; Aziko, J.; Oulad Ali, H.; El hafa, M.; Aamiri, A.
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  • » The Influences of Life Style Toward Customers’ Behavior in Buying a Car Toyota New Yaris
    Itasari, Andri Astuti; Rahmanto, Andre; Slamet, Yulius
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  • » The Psychological Peculiarities of Preschool Children to Be Ready For School Education
    Khurvaliyeva, Tarmiza
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  • » Analysis of Agricultural Leading Commodities and Determination of Base Areas in Langkat...
    Khairati, Nailul; ., Rahmanta; Ayu, Sri Fajar
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  • » Effect of Example Non Example Method Implementation in Scientific Approach and...
    Amrianto, A.; Lufri, L.
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  • » Vulnerability of Health care Waste Cleaners to Occupational Injuries and Communicable...
    Gebremeskel, Bewunetu Zewude
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  • » Financial Literacy Impact Analysis for The Banking Customer Moral Hazard with...
    Ismi, Engla Viara; ., Yurniwati; Djunid, Amsal
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  • » Stability of Red Snapper (Lutjanus Sp.) Vitamin a Content as an Effect of Traditional...
    Mainassy, Meilisa Carlen; Kapelle, Imanuel Berly Delvis
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  • » Analysis of Determination of Leading Sector and Regional Economic Potential for...
    Sari, Retno Wanda
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  • » Investigation of ATG5, ATG12 and LC3 Genes Expression Related to Autophagy in...
    Moradi, Nasredin; Sabbagh hadi, Arezou; Pilvar, Parisa
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  • » Political Dress Code of Hadi Rudyatmo and Ahmad Purnomo In Mayoral Candidacy of...
    Ikhsan, Akhmad Nur
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  • » Contribution Analysis of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises On the Regional Development...
    Harahap, S.STP, Juliana Khairina; S.Hut, M.Si, Dr. Agus Purwoko; MA, Dr. Rujiman
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  • » Youtubers and New Strategy of Advertising (Discourse Analysis of YouTubers as Stealth...
    Tsabitul Chusna, Nurdini
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  • » Effects of Cooperative Learning Model Type Games Teams Tournament (TGT) and Entry...
    Yunanda, Hendra; Advinda, Linda; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » Fiche Technique sur les Sucres Simples Doses dans les Sucres de L’eau de Coco Immature...
    Anselme, Akpro Lathro; Jean-Louis, Konan Konan; Jean Brice, Gbakayoro
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  • » Les Objets d’Apprentissage de Sciences Face aux Représentations des Enfants dans les...
    Grigorovitch, Alyona
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  • » Impact of Tourism on Economy Development in Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung
    Effendi, Dhani; Lubis, MS, Prof. Dr. Suwardi; Tarmizi, SU, Prof. Dr. H. B.
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  • » Media Relations and Communication of Crisis in the Digital Era
    Kurniawati, Juni
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  • » Benefits of Community Based Organizations for community development
    Ali, Arshad; Khan, Ali
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  • » Solution for Matrix Equation AX-YB=C
    Cahyadi, Nadia; ., Yanita; Bahri, Susila
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  • » Impacto del Modelo de Flexibilidad Curricular en los Estudiantes de la Licenciatura en...
    Dzib Moo, Doris Laury Beatriz; García, Gerardo González; Dzib, Analuisa González
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  • » Territorial Claim Field (Study of Political Ecology on Indigenous Peoples in Gold...
    Kakisina, Leunard Onisivorus
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  • » Validity Of Biology's Students' Worksheet That Equipped By Pictorial Of Concept Map For...
    Aufa, Ummul; Razak, Abdul; Anhar, Azwir; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » Vector Space Models On Data Search Applications Based On Information Retrieval System
    Eka Putra, Andri Syahrian; Adiguna, Allen; Munandar, Aang Arif; Legowo, Mercurius Broto
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