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  • » Caractéristiques Socio-Démographiques et Comportements de Citoyenneté Organisationnelle...
    Koku, DUGLI; Boussanlègue, TCHABLE; Yawo Séna, AKAKPO-NUMADO
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  • » Environmental Factor Determination on Aedes Aegypti Egg Density in Endemic Areas in...
    Palanti, Benny; Ishak, Hasanuddin; Wahiduddin, Wahiduddin; Amqam, Hasnawati; Ibrahim, Erniwati; Palutturi, Sukri
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  • » Why Rice is Still Considered as an Important Food Ingredient in Indonesia? : Overview...
    Yuliana, Rita; ., Harianto; Hartoyo, Sri; Firdaus, Muhammad
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  • » Proposing Relation with Fracture strength of Masonry to Cement Percentage and...
    Mahzuz, HMA; Ahmed, Saikat; Nafee, Muhtsim Rahman; Jamil Nabil, Md. Nuzhath
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  • » The Development of Musical Literacy of Students: World Experience and Prospects
    Mirzaev, Uktam
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  • » Popularity Level and Role of Actors in the Degree Centrality Network of Eucalyptus Oil...
    Puttileihalat, Paulus Melkianus
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  • » Application of Adult Learning Theories to Establish an Effective Teaching Method in...
    Gebru, Birara
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  • » Comparative Theoretical Study on the Electronic Structures of the Isolated Molecular...
    Marahatta, Anant Babu; Kono, Hirohiko
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  • » Teachers’ Work Motivation in SMPN RAO, Pasaman Regency
    Aspan, Aspan; Azmi, Sri Atul; Gistituati, Nurhizrah; Hadiyanto, .
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  • » Analysis of Fraud Provider Prevention of National Health Insurance: Case Study of...
    Taslim, Taslim; Arifin, Muhammad Alwy; Mallongi, Anwar; Indar, Indar; Darmawansyah, Darmawansyah; Russeng, Syamsiar S.
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  • » The Effect of Knowledge Management, Competitive Intensity, Dynamic Capability and...
    Suryawan, Ian Nurpatria
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  • » The Philosophical Foundations of Dynamics in a Work of Art
    Bulatov, Saidakhbor; Khoshimova, Umida; Isakova, Sayyora
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  • » Systèmes de Valorisation des Déchets Solides Ménagers à des Fins Agricoles dans la...
    G. GLITO, Michaël Serge; CLEDJO, Placide
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