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  • » The Effect of the Local Government Policy in Education Planning In North Tapanuli Regency
    Situmorang, Sasma Hamonangan; Sihombing, MA, Prof. Dr. Marlon; Tarmizi, SU, Prof. Dr. H. B.
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  • » Practicality of Development of Question Biology Science Based on Scientific Literacy on...
    Agustin, Yeni; ., Zulyusri; ., Syamsurizal
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  • » Effectiveness of Farmers Learning on Adoption of Innovation in Organic Rice Farming of...
    Gunawan, Gunawan; Hubeis, Aida Vitayala; Fatchiya, Anna; Susanto, Djoko
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  • » Analysis of Orange Commodity Role to Regional Development in Dairi Regency, Indonesia
    Pulungan, Karimal Afwi; Purwoko, Dr. Agus; Hut, S.; Si, M.; Supriadi, Ir.; S, M.
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  • » Effect of Bathroom Waste Management and Septic Tank on the Quality of Water Quality in...
    Fitriani, Dewi; Muchtar, Prof. Dr.H. Bustari; M.Pd, Dr. Nurhasan Syah
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  • » Decoding Hoax on the Issue of Religious Politicization in Indonesia on New Media Era
    Hesthi Rahayu, Wien
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  • » The Effect of Structured Numbered Heads Supplemented With Student Worksheet Assisted...
    Septiadi, Andrea; ., Yerizon; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » Increased Activity, Ability to Understand Concepts and Mathematical Problem Solving...
    Deswita, Luci; Yerizon, Yerizon; Fauzan, Ahmad
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  • » Contenu Stomacal et Comportement Trophique de la Sole Pole (Pegusa Lascaris, Risso...
    Amo, Chakour Aziz; Ezzaher, Latifa; Hafidi, Najat; Hermas, Jamila; El Ouizgani, Hassan; Elhabouz, Hammou
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  • » Compiling Dictionaries by Using Corpus Analysis and its Advantages
    Bobojon O’g’li, Nozimjon Ataboev
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  • » Analysis of Pangaribuan Sub-District’s Administrative Proliferation Policy in...
    Nababan, Satya Dharma; Sirojuzilam, Prof. Dr. lic.rer.reg. S.E.; Sihombing, MA, Prof. Dr. Marlon
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  • » The Ebola viral disease – changed outbreak in a changing world
    Todorova, Tatina Todorova; Tsankova, Gabriela Staneva; Ermenlieva, Neli Mitkova
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  • » Political Connection, Auditor Selection, Audit Fee & Audit Report Lag : A Review in...
    Utamaningsi, Lidya
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  • » Description Mental Model Students of Thermochemistry Basic Concept
    Febrina, Ira; ., Latisma
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  • » The expression level of Mir-210 and Mir-141 in breast cancer patients
    Hojabri Mahani, Shima; Hosseini abnavi, Saeedeh; Zarezadeh, Roya; Mohammadnejad Pahmadani, Mojtaba; Zayani, Zoofa; Nooshin, Maryam
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  • » The Effects of Discovery Learning Model Nuanced Science Literacy Towards Students’...
    Arianda, Novera; Anhar, Azwir; ., Syamsurizal
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  • » Review District Toba Samosir as a Growth Center in Province North Sumatra
    Hutajulu, Mei
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  • » Effect of Incentives, Leadership Style on Performance of Office Employees of The...
    -, Hairoman; ., Syamsir; Hasan, Helmi
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  • » The Effect of Cadmium Nanoparticles on Hepatic Enzymes Variation in Blood of Rattus
    Masoumeh, Shams; Nahid, Ghaed Amini; Somayeh, Taei; Alireza, Haji Aghababa
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  • » The Effect of Bitter Extracts (Andrographis Paniculata Nees.) of Ovarium Histologys...
    Desmawati, Vera; Sumarmin, Ramadhan
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  • » The Influence of Chili Input and Technical Efficiency of Chili Farmers in...
    Pakpahan, Helena Tatcher; Posman Nababan, Manaor Bismar
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  • » The Development of Beef Cattle Area Based On Potential Mapping of South Tapanuli Regency
    Simamora, Faisal
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  • » Human Relations in “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini
    Ruzmatova, Dilnoza Ramatjanovna
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  • » Characteristics Based Encoding Data Key Update CSP with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud...
    Nalamati, Sai Rajesh; Srujan, Sriram
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  • » Influencia de la Edificación de un Paso a Desnivel en el Valor Inmobiliario en Tampico...
    Godard Santander, Rafael Ángel; Lara Ruiz, Oscar Daniel
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